The Effects Of Technology On Productivity.

What is it and, why is it important?

Technology and productivity are two concepts that are often linked, in policy discussions. Government and businesses make policies and procedures based on the relationship between technology and productivity for the public, employees, and users. While we can all agree that technology is here to make life easier and help us be more productive, in hindsight, it tends to lead to more distractions than we hoped. (Cue the social media doom scrolling.) Some articles discuss the positive and negative effects of technology on productivity. These articles also give insight into how other factors measure the relationship between technology improvement and productivity, though not necessarily faulting technology improvements as the dominant culprit for low productivity levels. (links below)

  1. What is the number one tech advancement that distracted us while working?
  2. What soft or hard skills do we feel are being hindered or replaced by technology?
  1. Use do not disturb and time blocking to limit our time on our gadgets and reduce notifications during certain times.
  2. Take notes while speaking with each other. Whether it’s interviewing clients, users or responding to managers or teammates, taking notes can help us remember key pieces of information
  3. Unplug when you can. For example, Malcolm enjoys low-tech Sundays where the phone is used minimally or not at all. Time is set aside for family or friends.
  • How Does Technology Affect the Work Environment Today?
  • NITM, Inc.



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